Meet Our Team

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Suffern Police Department Website, the Suffern Police Department’s Home on the internet.

The residents of Suffern have good cause to be proud of their Police Department. From our fast response times to our award-winning K-9 program and our highly successful Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program, the men and women of the Suffern Police Department are committed to the prevention of crime, preservation of peace, protection of our citizens and the enforcement of our laws.

Our patrol force, commercial vehicle enforcement officers, are an experienced group of individuals working together to keep this community safe. Our officers are well trained and well equipped. From mobile computers, to life saving A.E.D’s (Automatic External Defibrillators), to mobile video recorders, your elected officials have seen fit to equip your Police Department with the tools and technology necessary to better server you.

As first responders to almost all emergency calls for service, including medical aided calls, it should comfort you to know that our officers will arrive within minutes, and when they do, they’ll arrive certified in CPR, and equipped with life-saving A.E.D’s.

We pride ourselves on being a community-oriented agency with a cooperative working relationship between police officers and the people we serve that’s stronger than ever. Like all law enforcement agencies, we rely on your trust and your cooperation in carrying out our responsibilities. The frank exchange of information is an essential ingredient in our effort to enlist that trust and cooperation.

We welcome your input, and we look forward to any thoughts and suggestions you might have for us in our effort to provide you with the highest quality public service.


Suffern Police Department